Sunday, November 11, 2007

I *heart* Kenpo X

It's true. Sundays have become my favourite workout day. It's not just that it's the last day of the week. If anything, that makes my body sorer and more exhausted by the time it rolls around. Having Kenpo X the day after Legs and Back is even harder because my shoulders and arms are killing me during the punching and blocking sequences and my legs and butt (oh, my poor butt) are so sore during the kicking.

I think what it comes down to is this workout is so much fun and so distracting. I mean, 5-7 minute blocks of punching or kicking with 2 minute jumping jack and other stuff interludes keep things varied enough that the workout is over before I know it. The 30-minute run we do pre-workout feels awesome! We get to the Kenpo and at first it feels like you're not gonna make it through the workout, with the run... but then next thing you know, it's over and you're pumped!

I spend the rest of the afternoon bouncing around the house, getting things done, super energized and kicking things.

OK. I'll admit it. I thing the main reason I love Kenpo X so much is all the punching and kicking. I love kicking combos. I love the hundred+ jabs at the end. But more than anything, I love Knuckles-Front Kick-Back Kick. I imagine that I'm fighting off two attackers at once, in the front and one in the back. *thwack* *thwack* *thwack* (OK... maybe that doesn't sound so tough to you, but it's lightning fast.)

Back when I was in college, I took Tai Kwon Do and it took years and years after I had stopped to stop kicking, blocking and punching around the house. Poor Big E... I'm once again a feisty ninja.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog and really considering getting the P90X system, although I am not sure I have the room. My basement is big enough, but maybe not tall enough. Is there a lot of jumping? ALso, what is the difference between P90X and P90x Lean?? Is there a difference?
Meanwhile, thanks for the inspiration - Brian in New Jersey

Anonymous said...

I love Kenpo X too. I do mine in the boxing room at my gym, where I can use the heavy bags for even more fun. I do the last 10 knee kicks into the bag, the high sword-low hammer, the front/back knuckle, etc. It's so fun that the workout doesn't even feel like work. But in the meantime, I'm at HR 140-160 virtually the whole time.

I've enjoyed your blog; thanks.

Sara said...

Hey Brian,
There is a fair bit of jumping, jumping jacks, in the kenpo as well as in the cardio X, among others. The P90X lean is a bit less weight lifting and a bit more other stuff, though they're both pretty intense. Glad to inspire you!

And Anonymous, great idea for using the boxing bags. Sounds like a great idea :)

Mitz said...

Just started today with the exercise and plan to go grocery shopping this evening-so glad I can across your blog for all the handy food thoughts-now I won't go broke ; )

Sara said...

Hey Mitz,
welcome & glad we could help!! Enjoy the program. I'm about to revisit the food section of P90X myself. We'll see how it goes this time ;)

Anonymous said...

My hubby and I are a month into P90X and like all the workouts but are having trouble with the Kenpo X technique. We're on carpet for the workout and twisting and pivet moves aren't fluid - we feel we're missing out on the benefits of the workout beacuse the range of motion isn't all it should be. We're considering trying the workout on hardwood with bare feet to see if we can get moving right. Any other suggestions for getting mroe out of Kenpo? Thanks