Sunday, November 2, 2008

Goop, Gunk & Gristle

Yet again, I show up with a sheepish "I haven't been here in a while" tale. Hopefully, this time the aftermath will change. It's funny how unless your career involves fitness, fitness so very often goes out the door when your career is sky-rocketing (at least that's a fun excuse this time, right?). For me recently, not only did my fitness (and fitness blogging) disappear completely, but so did cooking (and food blogging), my sewing, my singing, my social life... The only side thing to (sort of) survive was my non-themed intermittent blogging; in this case, I was able to write a touch about the food in Cyprus.

Three weeks in Cyprus editing an intense documentary film left me with little energy every day beyond the occasional easy run and some recovery stress reducing yoga. That's not a whole hell of a lot, especially when you consider that my lovely host family was intent on feeding me three fabulous and filling meals a day. So three weeks (and likely a few extra pounds) later, I headed home for a couple of weeks, during which time I ran a half marathon (yay!!! 5 of 8)

Which all leads to an interesting (albeit challenging) way to head into the holiday season: already intent on getting back in shape and losing some of the "gristle". Should be fun!