Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tandem training begins NOW!

Actually, it really begins on Monday.  Or if you're using my runner's schedule, it begins on Tuesday.  But I digress.  What begins now?  Why, our new side-by-side P90X training comparisons!

Tamsen and I realized that while we've both reviewed various workouts, we've never done the same workout programs at the same time.  But we're both at the phase where we could use the extra motivation of having someone else going through the same thing you are to keep you going.  Or at least that's my theory.

On my side of things, life has gone crazy:  I've been editing like a fiend, trying to finish a documentary while doing full-time editing of a corporate video project.  It's been sending me home a bit frittled (fried and frazzled) every night and over the past month, it's been a struggle to just get my running done, the bare minimum, let alone complete my P90X-enhanced runner's schedule.  

Now, work isn't going to get any less intense, but my motivation seems to be fired up again, so I'm going to get back onto my runner's schedule, and work on fine-tuning it even more!

One of the cool things that I've found that ramped up my motivation was this article about a professional athlete getting fantastic results from P90X training - E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!  (I promised Big E I'd sneak in an Eagles cheer).  I've been recommending P90X to my various athlete friends (Ultimate frisbee players, runners and more) and it's cool to have a recognized professional athlete equally fired about about this program.

First things first:  I'm going to retake the P90X fitness this Sunday.  You in, Tamsen?

And, a quick question for you readers out there:  How do you remotivate yourself when life gets in the way?  Any good tricks?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

How to P90X When You're Not Sure You Can P90X

I've been out of it for a while. I think my last post was about getting back, planning a new strategy.


Jim-the-Amazing-Trainer once told our group that you have to fight the body sometimes, because it's programmed to save energy, avoid pain and take rest. So when you're pedaling up a 6-degree hill, dying, you have to talk it out with your body: "Sorry, I'm ignoring you for now, since parts of me aren't ripping apart and I'm still breathing..."

I'm afraid that's a little of what I'm having to do now. "Sorry, body. I know you like potato chips more than you did a year ago. I know you like naps. I know you like beer. A lot. But I really need to get back up that hill."

The hill is this:
- ridding myself of 8+ months off of any focused training
- ridding myself of 15 lbs of beer 'n' chips blob
- changing an overwhelming desire to not do anything

The overwhelming desire is just a matter of habit, the 15 lb blob can be dumped in, what, 90 days??? What a coincidence. And the 8+ months off...well, I don't want it to be 10+

So what does an underfit person do with P90X, our old kickass friend? She does this:

- Take on the Lean program. It's still tough, just not as tough.
- RELAX into the Lean program, but don't avoid the hard parts.
- Set a goal that has nothing to do with weight, guilt or fear.
- No excuses, no rationales: do the damn thing.

It's a new month, so I may as well start Monday. August 4. Goal: At least 5 of the 6 weekly sessions. If I miss one segment one week, I can't miss the same one again in that month.

Sigh. Guess I'd better put down my beer.

And for anyone else who isn't sure they can handle P90X, just remember there's a return policy. Which is not the case with your body, so are you sure you can't do at least part of it?

Check out the Fitness Test first, if you're still not convinced: